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Dear La Madrugada readers,


It is our great pleasure to present you with the first and most exciting Spanish literary magazine at Yale, La Madrugada. Founded in 2013 by Dor Mizrahi and Marco Ortega, the magazine arose out of the fundamental need for students to express themselves in a language other than English. Upon the first discussions regarding La Madrugada, we soon discovered that an ever-increasing number of people desired such an outlet and supported the project. Though in its germinal stages, we are confident about La Madrugada’s future and strive to provide our readers with the highest quality content.  We also strive to make this one of Yale’s most prolific magazines. Our two most important objectives are:


  • To promote the Spanish language at Yale, so that both native and non-native speakers of the Yale community can engage in a literary dialogue.


  • To celebrate the culture and history of Spain while promoting cultural diversity and acceptance throughout the Yale community.


All of our published issues can be read in the corresponding page above. We are happy to receive any new submissions, and new team members are always welcome to join. We would also like to thank the Spanish department for its support and cooperation, and we owe great gratitude to our faculty advisor, Professor Juliana Ramos-Ruano. This is the dawn of a new creative outlet at Yale, La Madrugada!

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